August 11, 2011

Kids Using Facebook Do Worse in School

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Two years ago, my husband and I decided to protect our children from using Facebook. Our 2 main reasons were:
 1. They are under-age to qualify to open an account so having one would mean lying about their age.
2. We, parents, cannot have total control on whom they meet online and what images and foul language they would see and read on the screen.

My girls, 12 and 9, are very sociable and they have friends their age who enjoy being "on line" with other friends. I sometimes feel that I want to give in and let them.... But having read the article how kids who use Facebook do worse in school, I feel justified for being a "kill-joy" mom. Well, my girls never whined about it, though. They are fine and content with their own blogs.

Here's what the article says:
That Facebook is hugely distracting is hardly stop-the-presses kind of news, but parents might be dismayed to learn that the social-media site can hobble learning and make kids less healthy and more depressed.   Read more here.

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