August 12, 2011

Kids' Sports Program

In our homeschool program, we are required to have at least 4-hour Physical Education every week. My husband and I have to plan out how we comply with that requirement. So far, this is what we have done in our PE program. May you find some ideas or inspiration for your own homeschool program.

We're blessed to live near a sports center and also we have a friend who is a professional badminton coach so our homeschoolers had badminton training for 3 months.

Ice Skating
There are times when we take the kids out for ice skating but because it's quite expensive to keep it a regular activity, we just go there on special occasions.

Chess Tournament
When it's too hot to go outside, or when we feel like we have enough of outdoor activities already, we just do some indoor sports like dart or chess.

Traditional Games
Our homeschoolers had a blast when we introduced Filipino traditional games to them. That's when they learned how to use marbles and  rubberbands in games. They also enjoyed takyan, tumba lata, syatung and many others.

Swimming is always the easiest kind of sports we can do because we live near a public pool. Kids never get enough of it! Soon, we will be enrolling them to a proper swimming course.

Our homeschoolers had the chance to learn a bit of archery last month. We're not sure if we'll have another round of that but, for sure, it was one of the most memorable sports they had.

We also did ping pong, kick ball, and many other games and sports. I still have to dig my picture files to share them here. But when we run out of ideas, we just take the children out for free play or biking in the park.


  1. What fun to have easy access to the areas for sorts. Our kid-lings love sports but not readily accessible facilities.

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    Have a beautiful weekend.
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  2. The entire family is really into sports, and you have lots of pictures to share! I enjoyed looking at your photos here, Mommy! Happy MM! Here's my entry:

  3. I think outdoor activity should be incorporated into every child's daily life. Too many end up in the dark in front of a computer screen. That's one reason we continued camping after our daughter was born, and everywhere we camp, even today, we always see children enjoying the great experience of being outdoors.

  4. super duper fun! thanks for dropping by!

  5. Lots of fun stuff sis! You got a bunch of athletic boys and girls right there; I can imagine the loads of joys!

    Visiting for MM! Hope to see you at my FAMILY ON SPORTS photos shared! Have a great weekend! :)

  6. my hubby dreams of sending our kids to archery lesson, he'll be surely thrilled once i show him these snaps

  7. Chess is definitely the best sport for the brain. :)

  8. very complete PE curriculum you have here! :D and also, thanks for reminding us about the traditional filipino games. i will have to introduce my kids to them too ;d


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