May 31, 2011

Entering University Life

He's finally there! We've been looking forward to this time after years of homeschooling. Our son finally made it to the university. He said, "The 5-hour entrance exam was surprisingly easy." Hmmm...that's the confidence of a homeschooler when it comes to big exams like that. He was asked to write 2 essays and was commended for that and was encouraged to join the writers club. Homeschool works!
I've just chatted with my son online. School starts next week. We're all excited for him! I'm flying down to our home city to be with him for 3 days to help him set-up his new life there. Today, we worked together on his start-up budget. Aside from finding a room to rent, we need to buy him new shoes, school uniforms and supplies. We have been homeschooling him for many years so we never get to worry about these things before. Now, this is a new challenge for us, aside from the fact that the family will now be in 2 countries. We talked about his personal spending every month, which I believe will not be problem since he is a low-maintenance person who is always content with whatever there is for him. But this may be a big challenge for him because he needs to learn how to take care of himself. now he needs to know how to budget his monthly allowance. He may need a budget software for that but I'm confident that this is the best time for him to learn to be and I believe we've trained him for this day.

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