November 26, 2011

How Our Community Was Spared From Flood

No doubt, you've heard about the great flood that troubled my host country, Thailand, these past few months. It already claimed many lives and properties.  And for us here in Bangkok, it is not over yet. Many areas are still under water. We are just thankful that our community was spared. 

Here are some photos to show how our community cope with the danger of flooding:

"Let me out of here! I want to play outside!"

Houses are barricaded with all kinds of construction materials. Some made temporary prevention but most residents have constructed fixed barriers.

Never mind the grammar. We all understood what our Thai neighbors
were trying to tell us..

I've never seen our neighborhood as united as we were during the flooding days. We all contributed to buy pumps and men and women helped guard the pump and kept the floodwater low.

Entrance to our village.

I can't tell how much we spent to prepare of the flood but it's worth it. We were safe and it gave us peace of mind and good sleeps.

A boy sleeping while "watching" over his sandbags for sale
at the corner of our street.  

For sure, Bangkok will never be the same again after this great flood. I've heard that there's now a talk on moving the capital city to a higher ground because Bangkok is sinking every year. Whether true or not, Bangkok needs to reevaluate its infrastructure and sewage system. Definitely there will be more electronic engineering jobs available for those who lost their jobs during the flood as as many businesses and industrial sites were inundated and were permanently closed.

As for our village, though they helped, we cannot rely on these portable pumps the next time it floods again. A permanent and reliable solution must be done.


  1. Praying for a good recovery and effective solutions for your area. I wish there was something I can do for you.

  2. wow! that is creative. happy to hear that you weren't much affected..

  3. What a story these photos tell! You are very brave. I am happy you did not have a lot of damage. Good luck to all!!!


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