October 14, 2011

Bracing for the Coming Flood

Home-made lamp using used cooking oil, salt,
 and  cotton buds.
You may have heard by now that many of Thailand's provinces are now submerged in flood water and major roads are impassable. Our host country is in big trouble and needing your prayers.

We live in the capital city, Bangkok, and a flash flood is expected to hit our area on Oct.16-18, 28-30. In times like this you can expect people to go panic-buying, preparing for the worst. A sandbag could almost compete with the price of rice!
Today, we went to buy more groceries and the grocery shelves were dramatically empty! Basic commodities like bottled water, noodles, canned goods and eggs are all sold-out. No more candles for sale so we made our own lamp. It is more likely that we would not have electricity.

We pray that the flood will not be as bad as in other provinces. Although the government is doing its best to save the capital city but still we were warned to prepare for the worst. So we did!

We didn't have homeschooling yesterday and today because we wanted to focus on preparing for on  coming  flood. We made cement barriers on doors, sealed all drains and possible water entry points, and moved things to higher ground.

Naomi and Zoe were such a big help! They were eager to finish the little construction we did.

Please pray for us because, as I am writing this post, it is starting to rain again.

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