September 25, 2011

When life is hard...there's always a brighter side...

Now that I have my own college student to send to school, the more I am amazed how my parents were able to send all their seven children to good schools. Ahhhh, no wonder why my mother was so thrifty at that time. She would go to the cheapest grocery shop or to the local wet market to buy the food we needed. Only the basic. No junk food or whatsoever. Then we were taught not to waste water and electricity. She would save the laundry water to clean the bathroom or water the plants. Smart mom, she was and still is! The money she could save from cutting the bills would help pay for our tuition fees. That's how she managed my father's take home pay and that's how we all got our degree.

Another thing that my mother taught us was to maintain a good credit score. Her very words were "You still sleep well even without money because you know you don't owe anybody." She said that we have to save the opportunity to loan in hard times and only when necessary.

I'm not sure how much am I like my mom to my children. Maybe I'm not as thrifty as she is. I only have 3 children and she has 7! But I surely like to learn from her example. I'm sure there are lots of ways we can do to find solutions when life is hard.

Here's a video of another brilliant idea of beating hardships in life. I'm sure this will inspire us all.



  1. i have a college student na..,and, i think of all stuff that can save me enough to fund her studies:)
    good luck on you:)

  2. i admire your mom!
    also, I was so amazed with the video! another example of pinoy ingenuity!

  3. i can really REALLY relate to that. my eldest is in 1st year college now so i'm working harder than i have worked before.. left you a kiss, girl. hope i get one back, thanks!

    by the way, do you mind checking out in The Indecisive Young Man?

  4. yes, i believe too that there is always a brighter side in everything but i guess i hope i can feel that soon. thanks for sharing.


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