February 19, 2012

Ringtones and Personalities

Image from Picasa.
Some people say that one's cellphone is a reflection of the owner's personality but I would say it's the choice of ringtones and not the cellphone itself. 

When Naomi turned 12, her dad and I bought her an inexpensive but functional cellphone as a birthday gift. She was overjoyed and was in tears when she thanked us. I knew that if she had the choice, she would pick a fancy one. Nevertheless, she was in cloud 9 when she was trying decide what ringtone she wanted.
Many people, like my Naomi, have more control in choosing their kind of ringtone than picking their kind of cellphone.
It may sound silly, but noting other people's ringtones helps me learn more about their personalities.
My ringtone is called 'Eternal' set in low volume and ascending mode. I just don't want to disturb other people and catch too much attention. I think the title is also one reason why I chose it.
How about yours?

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