December 5, 2011

Thailand's Religious Groups Celebrate The King's 84th Birthday

Today is the king's birthday! We're going to the King's Park tonight to witness the annual fireworks display.

Yesterday, on the eve of his majesty King Bhumibol's 84th birthday, Thai people of different religious background gathered together and offered prayers and wishes for the king and for the country. We took our homeschoolers to witness the celebration. We knew it would be a good cultural and historical experience for them.

We drove past yellow banners and arrived 2 hours before the program. We're glad we got a good parking spot right across the park.

Our homeschoolers, enjoying the space.
Sanam Luang, where the celebration was held, is an open field and a public square for royal ceremonies and functions.

While waiting for the program, Zoe entertained herself with her own acrobatics.

Thai monks

People from all walks of life and religious backgrounds came.

Thai Buddhists offering lotus flowers.

Thai Muslims

Thai Christians with their banners.

It was a colorful and peaceful day.

Behind Zoe are Thai Muslims performing one of their daily 5 prayers.
The program started with the Muslim group.

Muslims in Thailand

Thai Catholics, Protestants, and Seventh-Day Adventists
The Christians came in 3 groups but had a unified liturgical ceremony, and then followed by a praise and worship.

Some raised their voices. Some raised their hands. 

Some danced and raised their flags and banners. Some prayed in silence.

Zoe, sleeping soundly amid loud singing.

It's been a long day for some, too.

Today, Thailand is united in prayer for the king. Regardless of religious background, Thai people, including expats like us, were singing the same song, "Prajao owai pon Prathet Thai." (God bless Thailand.)

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  1. Beautiful photos of a very important occasion. Some lovely shades of yellow there.

  2. Aww she look so tired.

    Here's my mellow yellowplease come and see. Thank you!

  3. What a lovely post about diverse groups of people coming together to celebrate, and beautifully colorful too :).

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography on etsy and Society6 and bring home something beautiful today!

  4. Calling by as another Our World Tuesday participant, by coincidence this is the second post I have found about this event here today. I was delighted to learn more about this event as we were in Bangkok recently.

  5. Hi M, Been awhile :) How are you,and the family doing?

  6. I have Thai students, and here in Auckland, they celebrate it this Sunday.

  7. what a religious celebration :-) thank you for sharing Sis Ruth :-) Dropping some love for Pink Friday, hope that you can return the favor too.

  8. This is so amazing Sis! I love the Pink Dress the Thai Muslims wore. So pretty!!

    Thanks for joining Pink Fridays!!!

    P.S. Did you get my postcard (from ? Thanks!!

  9. thanks for sharing this event which I wouldn't have known if not for your post- I was intrigued with the monks- I wanted to see them live-in person in their robes...

    visiting for PF

  10. That was a lot of fun!

    Visiting for MYM! Hope you can visit mine too..


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