December 4, 2011

A Day At The Park.....After The Flood

Life is back to normal for most of us here in Bangkok. 
Floodwater has subsided and most affected areas are now recovering. 

Jatujak Park before the flood.

Last Friday, we took our homeschoolers to our favorite park to go biking.

Jatujak Park before the flood

We love coming to this park because of it's cool ambience and it's a safe place to bike around. 

Loved this moment with my Zoe!

I also love taking photos while the the girls are enjoying themselves.

Naomi with her rented bike.

Don't you just love that sprawling ground of green?

But our latest visit was quite a shock!

Jatujak Park after the flood

It's a sad sight....

We saw only one fish but for sure there were lots of them washed out from the pond to the grounds. 

Zoe after many rounds

Nevertheless, we're all glad that we're there and were able to make the most of our time.

Naomi on her roller blades

It's still a beautiful day for us. Family time is always a happy time. 

Father-daughter moment

The view did disappoint us but the sights of my loved ones are enough to call it a beautiful day.

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  1. Interesting series of photos! So glad your park is recovering now the flood waters have subsided!

  2. That is a terrible waste. Such a lovely area just washed away. In Texas it was the other way around. Things dried up here and died.

  3. The "before" and "after" shots are in stark contrast to each other. Glad you could enjoy your day together, even surrounded by evidence of devastation.


    Shadows above and shadows below,
    Shadows that blaze and shadows that glow;
    Shadows outside and shadows indoors,
    Shadows on trees and shadows on floors;
    Everywhere shadows calling my name,
    Everywhere shadows no one can tame.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Desert Shadows and Cemetery Shadows

  4. Nice to see that you are able to come out with your family and enjoy the park, so sad that the floods have done so much damage.

  5. very nice fmily bonding, good to know that everything there is back to normal, we hope no more flooding na ano,

  6. Praise God for things are now getting back to normal for you out there.

    My Shadow Shot post, have a blessed Sunday!

  7. The shots of the lily pond are great

  8. You're right, Mommy, "family time is always a happy time!" I'm sure the park will recover and you'll see lots of luscious green again. Happy MM! Here's my entry:

  9. Hope there wasn't too much damage from the flooding. Love the family photo shares, and the one of the photographer taking a picture of the lilies.

    Here is my link to my shadow shots If a tree falls in the swamp, do you HEAR it?

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  10. Your pictures are captivating! You are really great with the camera. Family time is best spent simply and together. Those are the most memorable times.

  11. glad to hear that you are all safe and that the flood waters have subsided already. thanks for sharing your family pics with us at mommy moments this week!

  12. it was a disaster, glad that you are all safe...the park was once a beautiful place but then your daughter's smiles and the love that exudes in your family brings the place back to life...

    visiting late for MM!

  13. ooh, it's sad to look at how flood can devastate such a beautiful place.

    thanks for sharing. till monday


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