November 22, 2011

Home Theater or Cinema?

Once in a while, we take our homeschoolers out to movie theaters as a treat. They are always excited especially if it's a 3D movie. One time, we took them to a 4D movie and we all had the most unforgettable movie experience. You can tell how the children enjoyed the thrill by just looking at the series of pictures below.

Watching movies is fun and can be very educational but we try to limit our going to cinemas. Even though we are careful in choosing the right movies for our homeschoolers, we don't have control  of the trailer movies shown before the actual showing. Many times we had to ask the children to cover their eyes and ears. So sometimes we only go in once the movie has started. 

Now that we have joined with 2 other families in building our homeschool curriculum, having our own movie time can be now be arranged. We are planning to build our own educational/entertainment system at our learning center. We have a big flatscreen TV, a DVD player and a good collection of educational and classic family movies. We also need to decide whether we want to hook up with a cable program and also choose what home theater receivers would be good for our homeschool program.

If you were to choose, are you for home theaters or cinemas?

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