October 14, 2011

The Bookmarks Mystery

When I received the invitation to speak at a Women's Conference in Bangladesh, I, then, thought of something I could bring as a giveaway to all participants. I thought a bookmark would be a great idea because it's useful,  handy, and inexpensive. It's good that I have friends who make crafts and other creative items such as promotional products  and it would be a blessing for them if I ordered  from them.

I ordered 50 bookmarks and decided not to write anything but symbols that represent the theme and topics of the conference.  The participants don't speak English and I don't know their language so symbols would do great.

I arrived at the conference site with my 50 bookmarks. Then I learned that there would be 75 ladies attending! I, along with my co-speaker, pondered on how we could creatively use the bookmarks without being unfair to others. We talked to our host and he said, "Oh, you of little faith! Why didn't you believe for more than 50 participants? He's a friendand  it was said in a friendly way. But he's right. I was almost tempted to pray that only 50 could make it so we have enough bookmarks for everyone! Silly me!

So it was decided that only those coming from far villages would receive bookmarks and those who live near the host's area would receive their bookmarks later. I was to order some more and mail them to our host.

Perhaps you are wondering why put such a big deal on those little bookmarks! Most of our participants were coming from very poor villages and a bookmark like this would be a treasure that they could own. So that's a big deal!

As I distributed the bookmarks, one for each, I was seriously praying in my heart, asking God to bless this little thing and that the symbols would remind them of the important lessons we would be teaching them.

Surprisingly, everyone received one and I still have more bookmarks left in my hand! I gave them to our host and they were enough for those who have not received yet. I didn't have to order for more! My co-speaker and I were puzzled.  "Are you sure you brought only 50?", she asked.   I didn't count the bookmarks because I trusted my friends who made them. I was curious if they made more than that I ordered.

Last night I learned that my friends made only 50 bookmarks.



  1. Your blessings multiplied like loaves and fishes!

  2. He is a miracle-working, Bookmark-multiplying God!


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