September 13, 2011

Eating Fresh and Going Green

It's all about stewardship!
Eating fresh and green is one habit that our family  keeps. Our children are not picky eaters. They grow up eating vegetables. In fact, my Naomi has composed a song that we teach children in our community project:  "Vegetables are good for you! They make you strong and they make you grow. Vegetables are good for you!                                 

Fresh celery stalks, cucumber, bitter gourd and green apple. Fresh and raw straight to the juicer. My Zoe loves it in the morning before eating breakfast.

Aside from keeping ourselves healthy, we all keep our own surrounding clean. We throw our trash the right way and we buy eco friendly products only. 

We try to minimize our use of non-biodegradable products. It's not much but the little contribution we do everyday would mean a lot if every family will do the same especially these days when flooding in our city is getting worse.

In my garden, I no longer use store bought chemicals or pesticides. I just successfully made a concoction using edible products to combat aphids in my plant. I will blog about that soon so stay tuned :-)

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  1. We LOVE fresh raw vegetable juice too! Looking forward to your next post.


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