August 10, 2011

White Winter Days in China

I dug up my craft box this morning to look for something and I found some photos that brought back memories of the past....

Mrs. M standing  in the middle of the dessert one winter day in NW China.
I was an English teacher in one college somewhere in the Northwest of China. The building behind me in the picture is a stand-alone building in the middle of the desert where I had to survive a loooonnng walk to meet my students. It needs dedication and perseverance to survive the coldest 6 months of winter and the harshest heat on summer days in this side of the world. My consolation was always the joy being with my lovable students who never complained living there all their lives.

My 5-year old Ben holding a bag of groceries towards home.
It's always a long slippery walk, but this boy loved going out with mom and dad on winter days.

Mom and Ben in Northwest China, Winter 1998.
It's been many years since we left the place. Ben is now in college. Naomi, who was born in China, and Zoe, who was born outside China but came back with us a baby until she was 2 years old, had all the fun playing in the snow. Oh, how we all long to go back to that place....


  1. OMG, I can't live here sis, such a harsh environ .. but it's a pretty rich experience.. was here for WW.. :)

  2. I can't live there either.. sobrang lamig..:)

    Visiting from WW here's mine BBW Hand Sanitizer, Dashing Smile and Wedding

  3. Wow I love reading your memories in that place, Sis! Absolutely worth cherishing! I live in a place right now where Winter is really such a frozen tundra, and like you, I couldn't complain about it because there is always a good reason to look at no matter what. I enjoyed your photos and the stories behind it! :)

    Visiting from WW. My whites are these:
    White Castle @ the Library
    Portraits at the Milwaukee Art Museum
    White Aster

    Hope to see you! Have a wonderful day!

  4. lovely photos, Ate Ruth! I wish I could also experience snow, but not for 6 long months,please! Haha! thanks for sharing these precious photos and for joining WW this week!


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