August 7, 2011

My Dream House and My Children's Dream Community

What's your dream house?
That's a favorite question my friends and I liked asking one another when we were young, and we would draw it on paper. No limits to our imagination, and I always wanted to have a small but cozy home in the middle of a large garden. We would giggle and brag about our drawings, and then continued to dream on as we all parted. In our young minds there's no thought of how we were going to make it happen, just the challenge of how we would make it more beautiful in our imagination.

As I looked through my picture files, I found photos from 2 years ago where I had almost the same discussion with my homeschoolers. But that time we talked about their dream community. So they gathered and planned together, built their own houses, and then worked together to build a school, a hospital, a park, and a church. They said, without these four structures, a community would not not complete.

The activity took longer than drawing them on paper but they all had fun. "Building a house is not easy." One of them realized. In real life, it is much harder, I thought to myself. It requires a lot of your time to start thinking about it and money when you actually start building it. Some people never get to see their dream house. That's why there are such plans like refinancing home loan and also the need for hard work and determination.

This is Zoe's dream house (guess what's her favorite color) with a pool and a flower garden on both sides. She said that it has to be big because she needed more rooms for her pets.

What's your dream house? Are you living in it now?


  1. Your paper crafted dream houses are colorful, creative, and beautiful. I particular like the way they made the palm trees!

  2. I remember doing something like this at school. It wasn't a dream house or a dream community, I think it was something like an ancient farm or something like that. We had it on display for months. Then we came in one day and it was all torn up and thrown in the bin. I remember wanting to cry when I saw our work just thrown away like that.

    My dream house in its entirety probably won't happen. For example, I'd like it to stand on its own little bit of land and it's not particularly common for houses to be built like that round here. And those that are built carry a massive house valuation on them.

    But other things, such as a power shower, a dandelion in a pot and an enormous brick barbecue should be achievable. :)


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