August 3, 2011

Mapcard from the Philippines

This week we happily received a mapcard from the Philippines. Thanks to Shengkay. As she wrote at the back of the card: Manila is the capital of the Philippines, and the country is divided into 3 major islands: Luzon (green), Visayas Yellow), and Mindanao (blue). Around the map are the famous beautiful places to visit in the Philippines.

My homeschoolers and I are happy to see our postcard collection growing. We soon need to come up with a creative idea to put them together. Right now, they are beautifully displayed on our wall.


  1. You've got a nice cardholder full of pretty postcards. :)

  2. Wow! You are so creative sis! I would love to received this Philippine map. Hopefully, someone will send me this postcard. Happy Postcard Perfect! Mine is up - <a href=">PP Entry</a>. Happy Postcrossing!

  3. I like how you stacked your card on the wall, What a creative idea!

  4. It's nice to see the 6 postcards that hanging there at your wall ^_^

    Happy PP!

  5. I still don't have that Phil map card and am here in teh Philippines. I still havent come across it in our stores.

    I also cant help but admire your wall decor. By the way, Mrs. M, have I sent you a card from the Philippines. Because i alreayd receive one from you. I forgot the mechanics. Me send u first and u send me a swap, or you send me first and ill send a swap? I really forgot sis! Please drop me a comment so that i can send you the next week.

    Happy weekend, Mrs. M!

  6. glad your homeschooler like it Mrs.M..

    Late visiting from PP#23..Have a nice day..
    My PP #23


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