August 17, 2011

Google Says No More Space For My Photos

If you noticed my bare header, it's because last night I removed my old header to upload a new one, and on the process of doing that, a note in red letters appeared notifying me that I reached the limit space of images so I can no longer upload more images unless I buy more space.

I've heard it before but I thought it wouldn't happen to me because I already bought my domain.But we'll see what I can do here before I give away my precious dollars. Well, it's not much. It's only $5 for another 20GB for a year. But still I want to see if I can downsize my blog by doing the following:

  1. Delete unnecessary images/photos. Hmmm..That's hard to do because I know that each post is well-thought of and the images are all necessary, at least for me!
  2. Resize/compress my uploaded photos from MB to KB to give more space to new ones. Hmmm...that would need time to do that. Would that affect the quality of my pictures?
  3. Any suggestions?

If you're using Blogger and you don't want to reach your free space limit that early, you may want to resize/convert your photos before you upload them.


  1. Ruth, That's weird. I've never had that happen to me, and I have two blogs and a camera that takes huge-file-sized images. I do downsize them a bit, but I've never had that happen.

    I upload my images elsewhere (SmugMug and Photobucket), then link the images within my blogs. Maybe it has something to do with that. I don't upload images from my computer directly to my blog. Maybe that's something to check out.

    The same thing happened to the daughter of my friend, and she simply created a new blog. But that's a lot of work and hassle, too.

    I pray you get this situation worked out, and I hope you have a blessed evening of peace. :)

    In Him,

  2. That happened to me too. I had to buy more space. If you delete photos they are removed from your posts.


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