August 2, 2011

The Day I sent My Son To College

Maybe it's an ordinary day for some moms but not for me. I was sending my first child and only son who's been homeschooled until high school to my Alma Mater so that was extra special. To think that I'll be leaving him in another country away from us after that day...I had mixed emotions.

  • ...elated that my son is now entering university.
  • ...proud that he did well in the interview and entrance exam (later we found out that he got A's).
  • ...worried that he would have a hard time coping with university life after being homeschooled for years.
  • ...concerned that we would start paying high tuition fees. Haven't done that for years!
  • ...happy that he's excited about the whole thing of going to back to our home city after years living overseas.
  • ...hopeful that all the training and discipline he had from us would prove beneficial in his life. I followed him like a stage mom, taking pictures of his first day. I knew he was embarrassed but he was so patient and forgiving. He seemed to understand a bit how it felt to be on my shoes. He's a novel writer and so he knows how to get into the heart and mind of different characters. But, for sure he would not be able to fathom how I felt for him that day. A mother's heart is a mystery, even I could not reach it's depth.

My last day-out with my son before he went to college.

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  1. same here, girl.. maybe it's natural for us moms to feel the way you do. mind checking THIS OLD POST out?

  2. COLLEGE! ACK! Lookin' good!


  3. I bet you were sooo nervous and even more proud!


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