August 30, 2011

Adjustment From Homeschooling To College Life

Since my son left for college, my husband and I never fail to visit his FB account everyday (his blog is no longer updated) to see how he is. We also chat online almost everyday. With all the help of technology, we still miss him very much. I hope he's just a bus ride away but he's not. He's 2 flights away from home.

Last night I chatted with him and I asked him to send me a summary of his adjustment in college. He's been homeschooled until high school so it would be important for us to see how he is coping with life in a big university.

Here's an excerpt of his email which he typed while we were chatting. I'm sure  homeschooling parents are eager to know as much as we do.

                     My adjustment to the new environment here in ______ University has been quite the experience. So far, I’ve adjusted to the transportation, food, and people here. School itself is neither easy nor difficult. It’s manageable enough to get me to be one of the top students in my two different classes.
                     My only problem right now is the time pressure and assignments, homeworks, etc. . I’m afraid I haven’t fully adjusted to that yet. I’ve been getting less sleep and rest, even on the weekends. It’s hard work but otherwise I kind of like it, makes me alert and awake. I go home as early as I can so I can prepare for next day’s classes. Other than classes itself, I try to participate more in my class’ bigger projects like plays, portfolios, etc. . By participating more, my sleeping hours have been much more shortened, but this way, I can get the extra points to stay in the top 5 of my 2 classes. 
                     The class itself is great. I’m already friends with all of my classmates and I am glad that all of us share the same flame to do well in school. All of us are very competitive when it comes to grades except for a few others whom I am sorry to hear have just dropped out from the university. Honestly, at first I had no idea what International Studies had in store for me, but after getting introduced to the course by some of our teachers, I realized that I like it. It is a course that somewhat makes me feel comfortable as I can relate to the subjects that it offers. I’m sticking to this course until I graduate. 
                     My expenses monthly is approximately ______. That includes my food, transportation, lodging, and the rest is for school supplies. _______
                     So far, my transition here  is challenging but manageable. I am doing better in my class, am adjusted to the new type of transportation, pretty much everything that I need to adjust to, except for time management, that is still a work in progress, but otherwise, I am doing alright. 
                     I really am entirely grateful to God and you guys for all the support you have given me for this new phase in my life. Thanks!

I was the proudest mom after reading this. It's just a joy to see how my little boy have grown up to be a fine young man!

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