July 22, 2011

"Temporary Home"

My visit to my niece's (standing) new house.
My son, Ben is carrying my niece's daughter.

My niece was very excited when she told me how she got her brand new house. She's in her early 20's and already got her  "temporary home", as she calls it. She knows very well that she's not supposed to lay treasures on earth but she's wise enough to have decided of buying a decent house for her family. She prayed hard about it and the Lord had favored her with a good deal and location.

It's just neat to see responsible young couples planning and working hard together to provide for their family. And I rejoice with my niece and her husband for this blessing. It's not fully paid yet but they're confident that they're able to pay couple of millions in a year's time.

Speaking of owning a house, my parent's had just given me a little hut behind this house that you see in the picture. This is my parent's retirement house that they have been building for years now. It's their project together and it keeps them busy. The hut was small but I just loved the space! I can build my "temporary home" there! Living overseas for many years prevented us from building our own home but I think it's not too late to start thinking about it.

A view of my parent's house from my Pa's garden. Ma is standing outside.

Now, since we don't have all the cash to make it happen, dh and I are talking about things housing loans. I also searched online for ways of owning a house and found interesting information about FHA Streamline and military loans. We need to talk more about what works for our family and in our context. Well, before good things happened some people were just talking about them. But as my niece did, she prayed hard, too.

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