July 27, 2011

Postcard Pals

 When I was in high school (decades ago), my friend published my name on a pen pal page of a song hits magazine. That's how I started collecting stamps and enjoyed the thrill of seeing Mr. Postman coming to our gate with mails in his hand. I had a blast collecting pen pals across many countries. It was kind of an expensive hobby because I had to post many letters each week but my parents knew that it was an educational experience for a 14 year old girl to learn how to communicate to people from different cultures so they were supportive of me by increasing my weekly allowance.

With the rise of technology, electronic communication is now the thing. I have never heard again of someone who is still into writing to pen pals. Everybody has gone to chat rooms to meet new friends. Although I am thankful of how technology made communication faster, cheaper and more convenient, part of me is still wanting that old fashion feeling of finding mails in my mailbox. So the thought of Postcard Exchange Project for my homeschoolers came to mind. I thought it was a novelty idea but little did I know, many people are already doing it. and I'm glad to have found them in Blogland.

This week, we received 2 cards from our postcard pals in North Carolina and the Philippines.

 The Sunset Beach card is from NC. Thanks to Jenny. I love the blue water and the lush green surrounding it.

 The Masskara Festival card is from the Philippines. Thanks to Ruby.

Masskara Festival is a celebration showcasing colorful costumes and smiling masks held on the weekend nearest to October 19 each year in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

I smiled when I saw the stamps because it also brought back memories of the past.


  1. wow! I'm happy to see Sunset Beach here, my husband was from NC and we spent quite a few summers in Sunset Beach.
    Thanks for joining!

  2. I missed snail mail that's why i joined postcrossing. It's exciting to wait for mails on our doorstep every month ...Fernando Poe on stamp? wow that's a cool stamp collection:)

  3. Buti you got that postcard glad you like it...My entry is up too/....

  4. i love the stamps! they are beautiful and so are the cards. ^^

  5. Beautiful and lovely postcards. I have same Maskkara festival postcard sent by Shengkay. Welcome to Postcard Perfect sis. My PP Entry is up. Come visit me. Thanks!

  6. I was surprised to see FPJ in a post stamps grabe talaga pala ang contribution ni FPJ sa atin ano para masali sa collectibles and commemorative items

  7. Beautiful cards, lalo na the Masskara Festival postcard. I received one from Ruby but a different kind of Masskara Festival postcard. Gotta love the FPJ stamp, rare na yan.

    Late visit from Postcard Perfect (July 27). Hope to see you in my blog: Banteay Kdei Temple


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