July 29, 2011

Fun-filled Field-trip to the Farm

Zoe @ Scenery Resort

Zoe had a wish for her birthday. She wanted to celebrate it at a farm. She's a cowgirl who wished she's born a southern who could say with an accent "Howdy, cousin!" Oh, how she loves being surrounded by animals and the smell of manure fascinates her!

Our homeschoolers learning farm life.

So we took our homeschoolers to a farm, and they had a blast feeding sheep and pretending to be farm boys and farm girls for a day.

Our homeschoolers being gentle to lambs.
Our homeschoolers learning farm life.

Naomi and Ria trying to learn archery in a different language.

The archery lesson was one of the highlights! Everybody got the chance to shoot a sheep!

This sheep!

Roi aiming his target.
I had my chance to shoot an arrow and it's a good one.

What a joy it is to see my children and and their fellow homeschoolers learning and having fun together.

 Such sweet Mommy Moments for me!

It was a fun-filled field-trip to a farm and our homeschoolers are already looking forward to go there again.

Happy farm girls!
For sure, our birthday girl was the happiest of all!

Zoe had her birthday wish fulfilled!

Thank God for a beautiful day!
This last photo is out entry to Friday Skywatch.


  1. Thank you so much mom! That was the best day ever!♥

  2. wow, sure it was a fun-filled day!

    happy MM!


    hope you can stop by also, thanks!

  3. Love the place... It's nice to see the kids enjoyed the farm...

    here’s my entry for this week … drop by soon!


  4. That is one fun-filled birthday celebration! Great pictures : )

  5. Wow! This is such a wonderful place. I think I can live here :)

  6. Beautiful photos! I think we all should have a day like that! Hugs from Anette in Norway :)

  7. Beautiful shots, sis! Wow!!! Homeschool delights! I am new to homeschooling, too, and I will be blogging about it (http://www.theduartehomeschools.info) for great things to look back. Thanks for the visit in my page. I am your newest follower as well! :)

  8. That was a fun and unique birthday celebration and family trip in one! My son is also urging me to go to the farm. LOL! Happy MM! Here's my entry: http://www.pensivethoughts.com/2011/07/mommy-moments-family-trips.html

  9. That looks like so much fun! Kids sure enjoy the farm with all the animals and things to do :)

    The Twerp and I

  10. wow! the kids sure had lots of fun! :D


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