July 12, 2011

AKABEKO: The Red Cow

Our family is again excited to have received another postcard from Japan. Our friend Clarissa has graced us again with this gorgeous red cow card. As written at the back of the card, this AKABEKO (red cow) is the symbol of Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan.

Clarissa wrote, "The people of Aizukamatsu has been good to us during the time we evacuated from Iwaki because during the 3-11 earthquake in Japan, there was no socks of food/water in any stores and so we have to evacuate all the way to aizu to get some food and shelter."
We thought of hanging this red cow in our car just to remind us to keep helping people in need. 

Thank you, Clarissa, for the card. Thank you to all who wanted to exchange cards with us. We sent 3 this week, and we hope to continue exchanging postcards around the world.

We also would like to thank those who joined us in our PEP meme. I have to temporarily close it for now until I'm back in my hosting capacity. I have been busy with our charity project that's why I needed more time away from blogging. I will probably see you in other postcards memes.

My first entry for Postcard Perfect.


  1. Nag flashback uli sa akin ang times na yun,Mommy Ruth.When we went all the way to Aizuwakamatsu,nagulat kame kasi lahat ng stores,bukas at may mga stocks to think na parehong nasa Fukushima but it feels like that we're in another space.

    Glad to hope na this time na-receive mo na ang Akabeko postcard,that is the very first postcard that I sent to you but was lost.

  2. It looks nice naman. Do you mind to exchange postcard? I am in NC, USA. But the postcards that i have are mostly beaches since we are close to the beach. If it is ok paki-contact na lang doon sa blog ko...See you.

  3. I love the postcard and it's unique shape.
    Thanks for joining us.

  4. this is really nice! :D

    thanks for hosting Postcard Exchange because through it, I am now back into postcard collecting and sharing all our postcards :)

  5. by the way, tell me more about the foundation :)

  6. hi Mrs.M!
    I love that red cow..mommy clang i want that too..hehehe..
    Also love the stamp..
    Mrs.M I am also open for card swap..
    hope you could visit my entry..
    if you visit my site just leave your addy in my contact so i can send you one..

  7. It's a really nice postcard. Amazing stamps, too!

  8. Hello Mrs. M, I hope you have received the postcard I sent you weeks ago. I have already posted the card that i received from you --

    Welcome to Postcard Perfect ^^ This is one way to show off the cards you have received.

  9. Hello there,Mommy Ruth!I received your postcard today!Thank you very much,will make a post of it soon^_^

    Give my regards to your homeschoolers!

  10. We received a postcard from Clarissa too. I posted about it today.

  11. that's a nice card, i love it...:) visiting late from last week's postcard perfect, happy postcrossing!

    btw, if you like to received a card from cambodia, please let me know! thanks. :)

  12. What a precious postcard! So cute!

    Late visit from last week's Postcard Perfect. Hope you can drop by my entry: Angkor Wat


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