June 25, 2011

Remembering Good Old School Days

Now that my son is in university and is miles away from home, we always talk to him on Skype about his adjustment the new environment and how he is coping with his classes and all. "I'm getting perfect scores in my English subject but struggling a bit with Filipino." This is understandable because he grew up outside the Philippines. "I really want to get perfect scores in all my subjects." he said. Well, that sounded like his mom!

First entry to Sepia Saturday.

Inserted note:
One reader commented that I "looked so confused" in the picture. I don't remember why I looked so. It was an outdoor recognition program in a mid hot day. As I recall, there was a bit of chaos because our school building was burned down by the rebels and so the program had to be done outside the building.
 Also, I was a camera-shy girl. The camera that time was huge and looked like a scary machine.


  1. You look so confused. Was it a family member taking the photo or a school representative?

  2. I hope he is able to accomplish his dreams.
    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~

  3. A photo which, I'm sure, is filled with memories.

  4. This is a great first entry! Welcome (on behalf of everyone) to the fun and weekly excitement of the Sepia Saturday challenge. :-)

  5. Cute picture, but you look a little bewildered.

  6. Welcome to Sepia Saturday. History repeats with your son. Skype is wonderful for keeping in touch with family when you are separated.

  7. I don't blame you for wondering if you should pay attention to the man bestowing the honor or the photographer. You were very cute!


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