June 21, 2011

Postcard Exchange Project # 13: Hello Kitty Postcard From Japan

The fifth postcard from Japan arrived yesterday. Our friend has once again thrilled my girls with another cute postcard. This time it's Hello Kitty wearing a summer yukata. As written at the back of the card "Summertime is just around the corner here in Japan ---can't wait!".

Thank you Clarissa for this another pretty postcard you sent us. We hope you have received the one we sent you.

Do you want to exchange postcard with us and with other families? Send us your address through email and we will gladly send you a postcard right away.To learn more about this project, read POSTCARD EXCHANGE PROJECT 2011.

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  1. Hello there,Mommy Ruth!Thank you very much for the postcard that you sent me,love it so much and so is with my girls^_^

    I will be sending more interesting postcards to you homeschoolers~next time more japanesey^_^



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