June 28, 2011

PEP # 14: Wanted:Postcard Pals

Since we started our Postcard Exchange Project (PEP) in February 1, 2011, we already sent and received beautiful postcards to and from several people from different countries...BUT WE WANT MORE!!!

If you want to exchange postcards with us, please send us your address to this email address: learningcenterbkk@gmail.com

 Here's sharing the postcards and stamps we bought last weekend.

 The girls and I were thrilled to have purchased new colorful stamps.

If you are also collecting postcards and stamps, we would like to invite you to join our Postcard Exchange Project (PEP) meme every Tuesday. Any postcard stories will do here!


  1. Hello Mrs. M!

    I got your card last week but i was not able to picture it because my mem card got full. So now here it is and am sharing it for your own meme. I know this is a meme but i decided to join your Tuesday meme just when i receive you card. At least your students will see and read that I got hold of the card you sent me. ^^

    I hope that is fine with you.

    I am posting you a card on Thursday. It's holiday tomorrow here.

  2. awww...I hope your homeschoolers would get lots of postcards for the project soon!

  3. Mommy Ruth,I would like you to join us at Postcard Perfect~you could swap postcards to all participants there.

    Di pa ba up ang meme?here's my entry dear,paki link up na lang po:


    Sent you a postcard from Fukushima,the first one that I sent you last time~sana mareceive mo this time^_^


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