June 5, 2011

Thankful for Technology But...

I was in a tight schedule the past two months because of my studies. I'm finally done for this year's modules. Now, I'm homeward bound. Nothing beats the excitement of rejoining my family.

For many weeks, I was in constant communication with my family only through skype and text messaging. Though not enough, it's a lot better than none. I remember the old days when long distance communication was very expensive and limiting. Snail mails were also slow. Now, aside from being able to be in contact with my family in another country, I can actually "see" them on a video chat. And, of course, it is for free! Such a big blessing, isn't it? I'm one of the many who is thankful for the convenience technology has offered.

Although I'm thankful for the fast and hi-tech way of communication, I'm still in love with the idea of receiving actual mails. I would be more ecstatic to see 1 mail in my mailbox than 10 in my inbox. Well, that's an exaggeration of course but the point is, it's really rare nowadays to receive precious mails in my mailbox. Had we not started the Postcard Exchange Project, my mailbox would just be collecting bill notification and junk mail. This week, I posted 6 postcards and a package and it felt so good to be using the postal service once in a while. I remember the days when writing to pen pals was in. Our mailbox was always filled with good stuff then.
How about you?  How is your mailbox doing? Are you still into the traditional way of sending letters?


  1. I am still into the old fashioned way,Mommy Ruth.I'm excited to receive from my friends letters,cards to come my way thru mails.And I also love to visit the postoffice and drop postcards,gifts or letters to friends,too^_^

  2. Hello there,Mommy Ruth!Here's my link for the Postcard Exchange:


    will be back again^_^


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