May 21, 2011

Sights That Blessed My Heart

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 Let me share to you the sights that blessed my heart yesterday as I celebrated my birthday.

I went to the Prayer Garden to start my day early with a thanksgiving to the Father. He was already ahead of me there, ready to greet me "happy birthday". What a lovely, sweet smelling flower He caused to bloom on my day!

In class, I was asked to sit in the middle and was given time to share my heart's desire. Wow! What a lovely privilege my prof gave me! Then they prayed over me and I was so blessed to be given the time amid our tight class schedule. I know Father was behind this....

After class, my family back home celebrated with me online. The girls sang their version of Happy Birthday which really tickled me to laughter. Their dad was behind them, dancing to the tune, haha! thank God for a loving family.

Then I went to the guardhouse to pick up a package from my son who is now back in our home city for unisity. My boy sent me a card and 3 boxes of chocolates! What a sweet, sweet young man; truly a parents' delight!

And this is a big surprise from my girls! Their dad said that the girls worked on this for days after homeschool lessons are done. They're excited to do this project as their birthday gift for me. Sweet girls! They really know how to bless people's heart. They know their mom's best!

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  1. awww....sweet girls!!gosh,they're so good of making the project for you on Mom's Day!It melt my heart^_^


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