May 14, 2011

Saturday Sightings # 22: The Prayer Garden

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One of my favorite corners inside the campus, where I'm studying now, is the Prayer Garden.

Yes, we have it here! Isn't it nice for schools to have one?

It is indeed a God's gift for everyone living inside the campus. I come here in the mornings after I jog.

It's a little, quiet garden where anyone can come and find a corner to pray or just be in silence before God.

It has cozy benches....

....where one can sit undisturbed....

 It has screened Nipa huts for group prayer too.

 I've come here many times but most of the time I just walk around the circling pathway and be silent before God. I'm learning the art of silent retreat, for in the past I've spoken more to Him than I've listened.

Here, I've only sighed and He understood. And in my quiet moments, His voice is heard.

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