May 7, 2011

Saturday Sightings # 21: Twice To NAIA

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I went to Ninoy Aquino International Airport twice this week.

First, to send off my husband back to our host country after visiting me for 10 days. It was a big blessing that he came and took care of me while I burned candles to keep up with the readings and assignments for my MA program.

As always, the airport was crowded with travelers and their loved ones sending them off. Recognize my dearest here?

Then, I went back yesterday, very early in morning, to meet my son briefly for breakfast during his lay-over before flying down to our home city.

Weee!!!! That's my young man there! He left our host country at around midnight and arrived Manila at 4:30 AM. "I can't believe I'm sending my son to university now. I miss him already", says the message my husband sent to me before he and the girls sent him off to the airport.

It was a mixed emotion for me to see him again after a month being away, and yet it was for only few hours because he needed to catch his flight and I also need to go back to school for my class that day.

I sent my Pa a text message to confirm that his dear grandson is arriving shortly. He texted back, then greeted me "Happy Mother's Day".


  1. Yay!! happy Benjie made it safe... and good to see you te!

  2. hi te joined using our new family blog! God bless...


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