May 17, 2011

Postcard Exchange Project # 11: The King of the Road

I found this postcard in a bookshop and it stirred my curiosity to research it's origin.

When my children were little and visit the Philippines, they would prefer us riding the Jeepney than taxi. "It's fun. It's full of people!" they would say. Last night I was squeezed inside a jeepney, almost half of my body was hanging off the seat. But that's the cheapest way to get to my destination. A taxi would be more than 10x the fare price, and it's not always as crowded as it usually is.

For those who are not familiar with jeepney, it is the popular public transportation in the Philippines. But most Filipinos, like me, don't know how these jeepneys, that occupy most space of the road, became popular. Here's the brief information that sufficed my curiosity.  

When American troops began to leave the Philippines at the end of WWII, hundreds of surplus jeeps were sold or given to local Filipinos. The Filipinos stripped down and altered the jeeps to accommodate more passengers, added metal roofs for shade, and decorated the vehicles with vibrant colors. Although the original jeepneys were simply refurbished military jeeps, modern jeepneys are now produced by independently owned workshops and factories in the Philippines.(
I have been collecting postcards here but still have no time to go to the post office. Anyway, I'm sure I have sent all Postcard Exchange Project participants one before, so I would like to invite others who have not joined the project. Send me your address via email and a postcard will be on your way.

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  1. My kids loves the jeepney ride when we had our vacation in the Philippines and they had a blast!Love that postcard!

    Have a wonderful week ahed!

  2. I recently began to read your blog, having found it through a homeschool meme - I can't remember where now. Anyway, unfortunately, I have to make my blog private. However, I do not want other homeschool mom's I know of to lose access to my blog. Therefore, please visit my blog and read the 2nd post from the top. It gives you instructions on how to enable me to send you an invite to my blog. Thank you! And thank you for the wonderful glimpses into Southeast Asia. I have been enjoying all the photos.

  3. p.s. my son was born in Southeast Asia.


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