May 27, 2011

Letters From the Heart

Today is my Zoe's 9th birthday and I'm away :(
We skyped today and I wrote my greetings for her on my Facebook status. Although nothing beats the love expressed face to face, there are times that you just have to make up of your absence, and letters from the heart would be enough.

Last week, I had my birthday away from home and my dear ones sent me cards that really made my day.

This is my entry for Mommy Moment's "Dear Mom" theme this week.


  1. what a sweet kid. hope i can receive also a card from my young man someday :)

    mine is up

  2. happy b-day mommy..sweet na kids and those words for you for sure says a lot even a just 2-3 words:)

    mine is up..hope you too can drop by:)

  3. Three kinds of chocolates, how thoughtful!Belated happy birthday, Mrs. M! Visiting from MM.

  4. hello! very thoughtful and sweet letters :) thanks for joining!

  5. Happy Birthday to you and your Zoe,Mommy M!Best wishes po^_^

    btw,I can't find the linky sa postcard exchange~I'll leave the link na lang here:

    Please let me know if the linky is up so I can visit yours po^_^

    Have a nice day!

  6. wow! that was so sweet...

    care to visit MY ENTRY?

  7. Love notes from our children really melt our heart! So sweet! Happy MM! Here's my entry:


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