May 20, 2011

It's My Children's Mother's Day!

Yes, it is, because it is my birthday today. And what a good time to rejoin Chris' Mommy Moments meme as the theme is Mother's Day 2011.
As some of you knew already, I'm a country away from my family since April so I didn't get to celebrate Mother's Day with my children physically but we did virtually. We skype and exchange messages almost everyday and that's how they greeted me on that day. My Naomi sent her greetings through her blog, my Zoe sent me party smileys online, while my Ben sent me his greetings thru a text message. I guess I would be expecting another virtual greetings again. My DH already sent his sweet message right after the midnight. Here's what greeted me via Skype at 4am this morning, with all the "in-love" smileys surrounding the message.
I thanked God for you and having you as my wife, partner, and friend. May the Father continue to lead you to a deeper and closer walk with Him. May He grant the desires of your heart. Love, Z [0:30:20] 
On my last birthday, I was also away from home but my husband was with me, and we get to celebrate it in Disneyland.

So, for this year, we made sure that we celebrate together with the kids before I left by going back to our favorite local Disneyland.
They enjoyed all the rides.

 They went to the Giant's House again,

 posed with princesses,

  and had a blast going back and forth, riding the Super Splash where you ride in a rubber boat and have a big drop from many feet high down with a big splash. This is how Naomi (in yellow) and Zoe (following behind) got all wet even with the raincoat on.

 And here's my big boy who refused to wear a coat and brought with him clothes to get wet. 

As for me, I enjoyed watching them. 
Well, I went to some rides, too, like this one in a cable car with my son. 
But nothing gets you really high as mother than seeing your children having all the fun.

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  1. What a fabulous time you all had ... love the happiness!

    Have a beautiful eve ...
    TTFN ~

  2. My children would LOVE to go to the giants house. We have never been (actually my children) to an amusement park. Now that they are a little older maybe we can go.

  3. Happy Birthday to you,Mommy Ruth!Wishing you good health and more blessings to come!
    You have a wonderful children~ say hello to Zoe and Naomi for me!Hope that they'll receive the postcards soon^_^

    Happy MM!

  4. I totally agree with you last statement Mommy M. GOD bless! Happy birthday! Please check out my MM too. Thanks and happy weekend!

  5. what a wonderful way to celebrate mother's day. here is my Rainy Mother's Day

  6. wow sis happy birthday magka birthday pala tayo :)

    mine is up - your comment is a big help thanks in advance :)

  7. Love the last line! Seeing our children have fun truly gives us a natural high.

    Here's my Mommy Moments entry

  8. You've got beautiful family sis!

    Mother's Day 2011, have a safe weekend!

  9. that was so sweet... visiting your post is a pleasurable experience!

    MY ENTRY is up!

  10. You have such a sweet family, Mommy! Belated Happy Mother's Day and happy birthday to you! I hope you can visit my entry, too. Thanks!

  11. it shows that everyone had a great time...what a beautiful family you have! btw, i'm your newest follower at gfc, and visiting you from MM. have a great week, belated happy birhday and happy mother's day as well! :)

  12. belated happy birthday Ruth! :D thanks for sharing your beautiful memories with your family :)


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