April 23, 2011

Saturday Sightings # 20: From Where I am Now...

I'm still on study mode but I have few days break from class in celebration of the Holy Week. So, I'm back blogging a bit. I've been away from home for almost 3 weeks now. I'm glad that Skype and Facebook keep me in touch with my family almost every day. We can even play paper- scissors-stone online.

Here are some of my sightings this week.

 A view from my classroom building. The structure you see in the picture is one of the housing building for students' families, mostly coming from different parts of Asia.

This was how SM Edsa looked like yesterday. A very busy area suddenly became a ghost town for 2 days. I was shocked to learn that all malls were closed to observe the Holy Week. After living 5 years in a communist country, then almost 3 years in a Muslim country, and now 4 years in a Buddhist country, I feel like a tourist to be back in a Christian country.

This was taken this morning when I jogged around the campus.

What are your sightings this week? Share them here @ Saturday Sightings.

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