April 1, 2011

Saturday Sightings # 19: Hong Kong Fashion, Footwear, and High-End Brands

 One thing I enjoy doing in Hong Kong, aside from visiting friends, is taking photos of anything interesting. And, I think, almost everything in Hong Kong is interesting! So, from each visit, I come home with tons of photos to file, and I'm glad that I can share them here @ Saturday Sightings.

Hong Kong is known as shopping capital in Asia. If I were a "shopaholic", I would go crazy here. But I'm not! And my dh knows that! Shopping is not my thing. Photography keeps me too busy to mind what's on sale.
But I do stop to take a look, shoot, and leave.

High-end brands do catch my attention.

I sometimes run my fingers on products to enjoy the feel...and then leave.

I wonder if I were rich will I fall for these things? I don't think so. 

I will just be glad to visit places, and come home with a fridge magnet :-)

During my recent visit, I was fascinated noticing fashionable footwear. Here are some of them:

Do you have interesting sightings you keep in your photo file? Share them here @ Saturday Sightings. No theme, just any sighting you think is interesting.

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  1. Hi Ruth! Nice to be back after few weeks of absence. My DH left the other day back to the U.S. and here I am back also to reality :)
    Anyways, I'm with you... I never go shopping in HK, I just look around and just buy a souvenir.
    Happy Weekend!


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