April 5, 2011

Postcard Exchange Week # 9: Patiently Waiting for Delivery....

As we wait for more postcards to be delivered to our mailbox, we learn patience in waiting and, at the same time, enjoy the anticipation that surely, with all the postcards we have sent, we will soon receive one...or more! YAY!

So while waiting, let me show you some photos related to Postcard Exchange Project.

This is the van (oopps, missed the front part) that delivers parcels and mails to our area. It passed by our gate so quickly so I wasn't able to take a good snapshot.

Aside from our own mailbox that hangs outside our gate, we also rented a box at the nearest post office.
Although I love the idea of emails and chats online but still I want my children to see the beauty of posting mails in the traditional way. That's one of the objectives why we started this Postcard Exchange Project.

Oh, by the way, I'm in the Philippines for 2 months doing my Masters in Education. Teacher-dad is supervising the girls' homeschooling right now. They all know what to do to keep this project going and I continue to host this meme while here in the busyness of being a classroom student again :-)


  1. Oh, we are highlighting the Philippines this week!

  2. our postcard this week is from Japan

  3. Hi Ate! I'm a friend of Raya and homeschooling my daughter too! :) I'm interested to join your postcard exchange meme.. God bless!

  4. Hi, we are from Alabama. We have been wanting to exchange post cards with other homeschoolers for a few years now, but just didn't know where to start. We would like to exchange with you all. Are your children interested in pen pals? I saw where you wanted them to have the privilege of using the postal service. My children would love to have pen pals.
    If you know of any others that would like to exchange post cards with someone from alabama send them over to my blog to post a comment about it and I will contact them and we'll exchange with them also. Thanks

  5. welcome home :)

    you might want to join the Mother's Day Contest on my blog. Only a one-sentence answer is needed to win $$ :)


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