March 26, 2011

Saturday Sightings Week # 18: Sightings Close to My Heart

My brother and his family went home for 2 weeks after 8 years living abroad. My sister and her son went home, too, along with another sister in-law and her son. So it was a real family reunion on my mother's birthday. My sister in the middle east, my brother in Thailand and I were absent during the family gathering so I requested them to take lots of pictures. They did, and so I'm sharing them here. Let me indulge on the sights close to my heart.

 This is my parent's retirement house. I think I shared a bit of it when I last visited home (If you click on the link, you'll see the difference).

My 6 siblings and I love gardening and I'm sure we got that from our parents.

My mother loves flowering plants....

while my father loves to collect fruit-bearing trees. He has a nursery and one thing he requested from my brother was to bring him seeds from abroad. 

I'm glad to see the improvement of my parents' retirement project. It's been years since they sold our old house in the city and bought a little farm lot in the suburb, started building this house and bit by bit, as funds allow, finish it. It's almost there...and this keeps them busy together and have something to look forward to.

I love the green grounds. It's a cool and quiet neighborhood. The opposite property is a retreat house so it's also a quiet ground most of the time.

My father planted fruit bearing trees for his grandchildren (and neighbors) to enjoy.

This is what he wanted to see...grandchildren climbing his trees. This is James, the first born son of my brother. He was born abroad and it was his first time to visit his home country and enjoy what his father used to do when he was James' age. I think I've seen this sight decades ago...
 Oh, how he looks like his father!

This is the sight from the balcony on the second floor. Sprawling green!

This is the back yard where most family reunions are held. See the small hut behind the chestnut tree? I'll save a story about that for later post.

This is Luke, another grandchild born abroad. I can't imagine my parents' feeling to finally see him in person and walking barefoot on their grounds.

So, these are my parents and their grandsons born abroad: James, Luke, and Baby Jacob. There's another grandson, Immanuel, who's not in the picture. He, too, came home with them with my sister in-law.
Such a touching family reunion. And I'm glad that I have these pictures to keep the memories. I'm sure my siblings who weren't there will be glad to see this post, too.

Do you have sightings from home to share, or whatever photos you are waiting to post? Share them here at Saturday Sightings.

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