March 5, 2011

Saturday Sightings # 15: Dancercise Competition & Parade of Costumes

We took our homeschoolers to a convention center on top of a big mall to watch the National Teen Dancersize Competition in Bangkok .

It was a big event for many provinces in Thailand. There were hundreds of participants.

We watched only few dances on stage. There were so many people, and we thought they were all winners already to be on the national competition so we didn't bother to know who got the grand prize.

What we enjoyed more were the sights backstage. It was like a parade of dance costumes!

Some groups did their final rehearsals backstage so that was cool, we didn't need to wait until the competition was finished. We went home and had a great day.

 Hope you enjoyed the sights, too.

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  1. Nice! Colorful costumes indeed! Happy Weekend!


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