March 29, 2011

Postcard Exchange Meme # 8 : Send Us Postcards...Please

I think I've shown you this post box across our main street where we usually drop our postcards. We are thankful that we have this near us so we didn't have to drive to the post office. Naomi can easily cross the overpass bridge to post the cards. We just need to buy stamps, of course.
Note how new our box was... so NEAT and RED. I thought of a perfect photo for Ruby Tuesday meme.

I recently passed by it and saw this....

....and another box not far from ours.
I'm sure, whoever did this didn't appreciate its use and value.

As for our family, we'll keep valuing communication by post and looking forward to see mails in our box. And for our postcard exchange project, we would like to invite everyone to join us, or if you don't plan to exchange cards, our homeschoolers would be so happy if you could send us a postcard of your country/city/state even just once pleaaaaasssseeeee.... Let us know via email ( and we'll give you our address.

If you are doing this kind of project, you can join our meme every Tuesday. share your postcard(s) by leaving your post link here:


  1. we dont have that here in the phils. "sigh"

  2. for your next project, ask the post office why they make the post box so tall.


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