March 22, 2011

Postcard Exchange Meme # 6 : From Norway

We were all excited to receive a mail from Oslo Norway containing 2 postcards, a sweet letter, a recipe, and a photograph of 2 beautiful children (James and Amy) playing in the snow.

Thank you to the Swarbrick family! We learned a lot from what you sent us.
Here are the postcards with the captions written at the back:
 "This picture was taken on Norwegian National Day - 17th of May. Everyone gets dressed up in the outfit of their region and there is a big parade of school children through the streets up to the castle (the building at the top of the street)."
"This card is of a big ski jump (people ski from the top!) here in Oslo. Over the last 2 weeks Oslo has been hosting the world skiing championships. It was a very big thing here. The schools even held mini days where children got to do ski races."
We also learned few Norwegian phrases from them:
Hello = Hi
Goodbye = har det (say har der)
Thank you = takk  (tuck)
Norwegian tend to use takk for both thank you and please

Norwegians love eating sausages (polse) with potato bread (lumper) and cinnamon buns.

Takk to our new friends in Norway. We send our prayers, blessings and best wishes to your family and Norway in general!  Hope you receive the postcards we sent you.

If you want to join us in this project, please contact us thru the email address provided in our profile. Also, please check the link for more details about the project. Write to us and we can connect you to other families/individuals who also would like to swap cards with you.

If you are already doing this kind of project, you are welcome to join us here every Tuesday. We run this meme for 3 days every week to spread the word around and to keep those postcards coming your way.

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