March 28, 2011

Homeschool Journal # 2: On Furthering Education

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
This week, again, I'm joining other homeschool moms in this beautiful meme hosted by Sue. This is a good way for me to journal my week as a homeschool mom and also to meet other homeschool moms as well.

In my life this week:
I'd like to title this week as "Furthering Education". While dh and I were processing our son's college enrollment, both of us also processed our own graduate study plans. I have just enrolled myself to a Masters Program in Education which begins next week. And dh was recently accepted to a PhD program which begins in October this year. I have packed my suitcase to fly back to my home country for my MA, wait until I'm settled and adjusted, then the family will join me there. That's the plan and we hope and pray it works!
In our homeschool this week:
The girls are doing well  in finishing their goals on time. They are required to do 4 pages in each of the 8 subjects everyday. I'm not much involved this week because I have my niece who is starting to be my reliever in supervising the lessons until a real teacher whom we (along with another family) agreed to "hire" comes to supervise the lessons of our children.
Places we're going and people we're seeing:
We have just finished our March English Program at the center so we're glad to have afternoon rests until we reopen another program next month. Yesterday, we had fun at my grandniece's 3rd  birthday  party, and today, we joined our friend in his 38th birthday celebration. On Thursday, our friends' children are finally coming and rejoin their parents after being away for many months while they stay with their grandparents in their home country. We're excited to see the reunion and also our girls are delighted to meet their new friends.
What's working/not working for us:
I have been lenient on the time the girls start their lesson in the morning. I want them to have longer sleeping time so I don't bother waking them up early in the morning. That's the advantage of having the lessons at home. As long as they do the minimum requirement during the day, I'm fine with that. But whatever fun comes up in the afternoon and they're not done with lessons yet, they know they can't whine about it. Zoe understands that very well so she's up and ready in her "office" even before breakfast is set on the table.
Homeschool questions/thoughts I have:
Now that we are going to hire a teacher to supervise our homeschool program, will I still qualify to be called a homeschool mom?
My favorite thing this week was :
I'm on Facebook and recently found many relatives whom I haven't seen in years and some I haven't met personally. This week, I had good conversations with them online, saw their pictures and their children's. It was a good realization of how fast have years gone by and how smaller the world has become!   
A photo to share:
Naomi writing on postcards to send for our Postcard Exchange Project.

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