February 26, 2011

Saturday Sightings Week # 14: Ocean Park In Hong Kong

 I'm finally home now! I've been away for 15 days from my children, and it's soooo good to be home again with them! DH and I arrived at midnight so I'm still feeling groggy from flight, dragging a heavy luggage full of of the girls' homeschool materials for the whole year.

Anyways, here' sharing to you some sightings from our recent trip to Hong Kong. Our hosts gave us 2 tickets to Ocean Park, and that was a real break from all the meetings we did the whole week.
A view from at the main entrance.

The ever-exciting Ocean Theater.

The breathtaking view from our cable car.

 That was not the first time I've visited the Ocean Park in Hong Kong but that was my first time to see the Skyfair Celebration....

....and have actually flown 22-meter high in a big balloon.

Thank you for sharing your sightings here!


  1. It's nice to see the latest shot of HK Ocean Park. I did enjoy going up in that long cable and strolling around. I would like to try that sky balloon, but haven't the chance yet. Happy Weekend!


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