February 20, 2011

Postcard Exchange Week #3: Hongkong

 Greetings from Hongkong!  I'm not home yet. Still on a break, but I'm just glad to have the chance to post for this week's meme. Thanks also to Skype and Facebook. They keep me and my husband in touched with our children everyday. We still have few more days left here. All meetings went well and we had opportunities to go for some sightseeing. We haven't done any shopping except for books and I got some postcards that I think are interesting to share here.

The children in the processions are the stars of the Bun Festival. Aged between five and eight, they are supported on frames and carried shoulder-high throughout the whole parade to create an elaborate, often whimsical, tableau representing characters in history or mythology. In thick make-up, with heavy costumes and headgear, the children have to spend some four hours, motionless, in the baking sun - - small wonder their faces are not ecstatic.*

Johnston Road, Wanchai
The tram service began in 1904 and continues to be vital and colorful part of Hong Kong's public transport system. Today's trams are probably the largest, most inventive collection of moving billboards in the world.*

Hong Kong is my most frequently-visited place. I can no longer count how many times I visited this place since 1995, but still it continues to amaze me. It is developing so fast and there's always new sights to see in each visit.
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*Words written at the back of the postcards.

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