February 9, 2011

Postcard Exchange Week # 2: Postcards From Mindanao, Philippines

Note: I'm really sorry for posting this a day late. I was thinking of Wednesday schedule instead of Tuesday. I am leaving for a series trips to 2 countries tonight for an exam and interview and also for work-related meetings. So, I have all my meme schedules mixed-up. My apology.

We would like to send our special thanks to Vernz for sending us a bunch of postcards this week. I was doubly happy to see images from Mindanao, my home island! Mindanao is the second largest and the easternmost island in the Philippines. Philippines is composed of 1,107 islands.

3 of the 6 postcards show different traditional dances in Mindanao. I think this is really interesting for my girls, who are into dancing, to see and learn what kind of dances their parents used to dance back home when they were in elementary. My children grew up outside my home country so they never get to see our traditional dances.

 Dugso is a thanksgiving dance of the Muslims in Bukidnon to celebrate bountiful harvest, the birth of a male child, or a victory in war.

 Bilaan, a dance that depicts the lively, simple movements of birds in flight as they preen themselves, beautifully portrayed by tribal maidens. The costumes worn are typically of the ethnic tribe, Bilaan, from Cotabato.

The princess, the prince and their retinue, in a pose of the Singkil, a dance popular in Marawi, Lanao, Mindanao. This is an intricate dance where the dancer's feet dart perilously in and out of the complicated pattern of clacking bamboo poles.

I will post about the other 3 postcards next week. For now, we continue to receive emails from people who are interested in exchanging postcards with us. Thank you for making this project more interesting for my homeschoolers.

We look forward to read your entry this week. Those who would like to know more about this project, please click this link : Postcard Exchange Project


  1. Great, colorful postcards! With them, you could start igniting the curiosity of foreigners, so they can learn more about the subject. :)

  2. Wow, it's my pleasure to be part of their learning... I hope the kids had enjoyed it... All the best..

  3. great postcards! we received the one you sent us and i am featuring it this week :)


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