February 1, 2011

Postcard Exchange Week 1 : Counting The Cost

When my husband and I decided to start this project, we had already counted the cost. We knew that we would not only buy postcards but also stamps. A postcard in our host country is about 30 cents in USD and a stamp is 50 cents. It means that the more exchanges we do, the more expensive it is. BUT we look at it the other way. The more expensive, the more fun and learning they get! And it sure is worth it.

We are glad that there's a postbox across our street so that it saves us a constant trip to the post office. Naomi could just cross the street using the overpass bridge, and in her house dress :-)

When we mailed the first batch of postcards, we used the metered stamp at the counter at the post office. That's how we learned how much it would cost to send postcards outside the country. So we decided to just buy stamps of that amount so we can just directly drop them in the postbox. We also thought that we could start collecting stamps with this project. Cool, huh?

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  1. hello te and learning center learners!! I am the first to join! yey! I can't wait for Ria and Jez to join this project.

  2. oh! i only know of very few people who use the post these days...

  3. I'm so excited about the project,hope everybody can join the meme and the project^_^

    Thank you very much for the postcard exchange!Love it so much^_^


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