January 15, 2011

Something New For The New Year

My husband and I noticed that our house looked plain and boring after all Christmas decors were put back in the boxes. We thought we needed something new around the house to make it more lively. A sofa or a wall decor perhaps? Well, we ended up window shopping for coffee tables and tv stands for flat screens. We found one coffee table that we really like but there was no available color that would match with the furniture that we already have. So, we decided to let it go for a while and go home. On our way home, we saw a fabric shop that was running a big sale. Aha! We knew then what we wanted. We bought a fabric to give our dining area a new look. And we spent only 7USD for that!

Here's my latest DIY project:

We have a 6-seat dining set that we bought from a second-hand shop. It was a gorgeous set that was worth $300. But we thought it was a good investment because it was made of hard wood and the glass table top was twice thicker than new ones. So, we had it for more than 2 years and then we noticed that its age was starting to show up.

The glue gun did the trick! I burned my fingers but it made the six chairs looked well as how they were when we bought them. And with the 2-coat varnish, they were made to look even newer than they were.

Then came the fabric covering....
I have old drapes that I saved for recycling purposes. I thought they might do well as a chair cover or something but none passed my satisfaction for these chairs.
I didn't want to waste my effort covering them and not be fully satisfied with the result. So I let it pass for a while until dh and I found the fabric that we liked.

With the help of dh's gun tacker and my needle, I was able to finish my project after 2 late nights of work.
 And I'm quite happy with the result.They surely gave a fresh new look inside the house.


  1. I think they're lovely! You are SO incredibly resourceful! Way to go, and what a great example to us all of WAITING when you aren't satisfied with what you are seeing, rather than just rushing into buying, buying, buying! A good reminder :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Way to go~looks like a fun project! I'm joining up this week over at Fri FarmGirls~hope you'll stop by! Have a blessed weekend! ;-))


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