January 1, 2011

Saturday Sightings Week # 8

Happy New Year, my friends! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. I apologize for failing to post for Saturday Sightings last week. I was caught up in a whirlwind of the holiday season. Also, I was working on another blog for our foundation and all those technical stuff made me not want to be near my computer for many days. But here I am again. I think I'm now ready to go back to my blogging routine (I hope).


On December 30th, we drove to Supan Buri, a province 3 hours away from Bangkok. We had a great time to unwind a bit and refresh our eyes from the sights of a highly wired city.

This is part of Chawak Lake. It's a real beauty. And around it are parks that are worth to see.

There were swans swimming on the side of the lake. What a perfect sight I needed to tame down my brain that was going wild with work needed to be done.

 The underworld sea paradise was a real treat. You only need to pay an equivalent of 1 US dollar to enjoy the beauty under the sea.

 Then, with additional few cents, it gives you a taste of safari.

 We also get to see crocodiles and their babies. "She smiled at us!" shouted the girls with excitement when they saw one crocodile glanced and grinned at them.

This is a funny sight. They have a Santa Croc at the entrance of the crocodile park.

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  1. Nice, at least you have the chance to get away from the city! Happy New Year!


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