January 25, 2011

Postcard Exchange Update and a New Meme

For those who liked the idea of the Postcard Exchange project, we are excited to announce that The Learning Center is hosting a new meme on Tuesdays starting next week. But before I go to the details of this new meme, I would like to give an update on the Postcard Exchange Project that I posted last week.

After we received good feedback from our blog readers, we took the girls out to shop for postcards. It is fun to watch them decide what postcards to buy. I told them to pick the ones that have more cultural relevance and not the ones with just scenery or flowers.

We also gave them a little tour at the post office. It's a good thing to educate our children the beauty of sending actual mails and the use of stamps.

We showed them the use of PO box that we rented for business purposes.

I was glad that at least they found something in there when they opened it.

The following day, fresh from bed, Naomi started writing messages on the cards. We sent 1 to Japan, and 2 to the USA. Also, 3 blog readers from 2 different countries asked for our mailing address so they can send us postcards. This is exciting!

Now, meme to the meme details:

This would be the meme badge.

This meme is created to spread the word around and to keep the excitement and enthusiasm up for the project. We learned that it would take 2 weeks to reach the destination of our the postcards. So, while waiting, we can share online anything about the project. It could be about:
a. the postcard you just mailed
b. the postcards you just bought
c. a collection of old postcards
d. or anything that you think has relevance to the project
You are all invited to join our meme even though you don't plan to do the actual exchange. Just show us a photo of any interesting postcard you find and share a little bit a bout it.

Thank you for supporting our homeschool project and for your encouragement to our homeschoolers.



  1. wow, we would like to join!! :D

  2. I love your photos of the girls getting ready. I have put your button on the sidebar of my blog and will join the meme. I can't wait to get your postcard and send you one, too.

  3. Received your postcard yesterday!Thanks you so much!Will send mine today!^_^

  4. I just wanted to let you know that we received your postcard today and will be sending ours to you tomorrow, and I will blog about your card and a geography page on Thailand next week. We are SO excited!


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