December 11, 2010

Saturday Sightings Week # 6

Welcome to Saturday Sightings. I'm pleased to share my exciting sightings for this week. For those who are interested in joining this Saturday meme, find the details here.

It was our family's  first time to witness the fireworks display for the king of Thailand's birthday celebration.We drove for 2 hours to get to the park. It used to be only a 20-minute drive from our house but the traffic was really heavy. Everyone seemed to be as excited as we were to be going to the same direction.
We left the house at 4pm and arrived at 6pm. This was how the main entrance looked like. I was on my way to buy our tickets when I took this photo.

There was an on-going program when we got to the site. It was too crowded and I was carefully finding my way in to find a good view of the fireworks. I didn't notice my camera's lens was full of dust (?). The good thing was, the people were all polite and quiet. Typical local Thai.

Serious photographers were already lining along the bank of the lake where the fireworks were set up. I saw huge cameras on tripods waiting to capture the grand firework display.

There was a moment when everyone went quiet and lighted their candles. I'm sure they were whispering prayers for good health for their beloved king who was confined at the hospital.

Then, started the awaited spectacle. More firework photos here.

I'm eager to see your sightings this week. Thanks for posting and leaving your link.


  1. Nice to witness the celebration thru your page. I have a former grad classmat from Thailand, he's now an ambassador. When we (and other classmates) visited Bangkok in 2007, it was the King's birthday but I have to go back here on that day.

  2. What a fascinating look into the celebration of a king! We in America sure do love our fireworks, too. :)



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