December 4, 2010

Saturday Sightings Week # 5

Sorry, this post is rather late. I was out the whole day for an important meeting. But here I am now, just got home and sharing the latest sightings I had today.

Before sunrise, dh and I were already on our way to the meeting at a hotel by the river. This is the site approaching the hotel. They put up the banners in honor of his majesty the king's birthday tomorrow, December 5.

This is inside the meeting room. It's a gathering of foundations serving the country of Thailand. Dh sat on the front row because he received a certificate of membership. This year we successfully got our license to operate as charity foundation. Remember the community library and English programs we set up?

After the meeting, as a group, we proceeded to the hospital where his majesty is currently confined. There were many groups there who came with the same purpose. That's my dh in black. Those boys in orange are young monks.

Each group had its turn to offer gifts/flowers. I thought it was my opportunity to see the king. We only get to see his portrait. Still, it was a special moment. That's me (in skirt) standing behind my dh.

This is the signing of our names as proof that we came as well-wishers. In return, we received special photos of him and other royal family members close to him.

 On our way home, we saw pink banners. Pink is the king's color aside from yellow. I will be posting more about the meaning of colors in Thai in my next post. And also more pictures are coming about the celebration. For sure there will be more interesting sightings on the day of the king's birthday.

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  1. That's a tiring day yet a very successful one! Keep it up! Happy Weekend!


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