November 17, 2010

What's in a Name?

Rachel, Ruby, Ruth (me), Rudith, Ralph, Robert, and Rosalind. These are the names of all children in my father's household. They're carefully chosen by my parents. Both have decided from their first child's birth that all names will start with letter R following the name of my father, Rafael.

I remember, when we were young, my father didn't want us to call one another using nicknames. He would say, "I gave you good names, why use another?" So we all are called by our real names.

The first time I became a mother, I realized that giving names to my own children was not easy. With all the million names to choose from, I had to decide with only one or two. With much thought and prayer, my husband and I named our first born son Benjamin Joseph. Benjamin means "son of my right hand" and Joseph because we envision our son to be a wise leader like Joseph in the Bible. For our second child, we named her Naomi Gul. I picked Naomi because I like the friendship of Ruth and Naomi in the Book of Ruth. Gul means flower in Arabic. My daughter was born in Central Asia where most girls have "gul" in the beginning, or middle, or ending of their names. And for our third child, it's Zoe Christy. Zoe means life in Greek, and Christy was after Jesus Christ.

What's the story behind your name?

A good name (reputation) is more desirable than great riches;
to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.
Proverbs 22:1 
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  1. Roger (another R name) means spear bearer. I'm reminded that Joseph and Benjamin are the two sons of Jacob's favorite wife.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Thank you mom for the name ,I love it ♥

  3. What an interesting R choice for today. I like how your father thought up all those R names for you children. I had five children and found it difficult enough naming them, and had I tried to keep them all in the same letter, I can't imagine what I would have come up with. I do have one named Rhonda, going along with the R theme today.

    My husband was the same as your father, he said what we name them is what we are going to call them, no nicknames, so like your family they all go by there given name.

  4. I decided I wanted to name my daughter Anastasia long before I had children. Russian history fascinated me. Then when she had a sister, well, I had to name her Tatyana.
    Thanks for joining us.
    Donna - ABC Wednesday

  5. I am also an "R"-- my father did not want to give me a western name. He is very nationalistic..he even wanted to name me "Pilipinas"!! Oh,no.. I mean I love being a Filipino but I don't want the name of my country to be my name.... hahaha! So someone suggested that I will be named "Raya" to remember the "rajahs" in Philippine tribes. Later I learned that it has a wonderful meaning for Indonesians and Malaysians as well. I love my name.

  6. First thought I had was all those names beginning with R may make it tricky knowing whose post has arrived through the mail. The meaning of names is so interesting.


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